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Export Sales

Young's Used Auto Parts Export Sales

Young’s Auto Center & Salvage offers foreign buyers an opportunity to be directly supplied at bulk (wholesale) rates. We can supply our foreign customers with an entire range of reconditioned vehicles in all categories: passenger vehicles, light trucks, SUV’s, farm equipment, school buses, recreational vehicles, construction equipment and heavy-duty trucks. We can also ship an assortment of engines, transmissions, auto parts, and vehicle body parts.

Containers and/or 53-foot trailers will be shipped in the most economical inter-modal method. In every 5’ of the container: we can get 27 4cylinders, 18 “V” engines, 30 4×4 transmissions with transfer cases still bolted, 50+ rear wheel drive transmissions, or 60+ front wheel drive transmissions.

All product drained, trimmed, plugged and washed. Laid out on dock in reverse packing order. Ready to load as fast as you can run in and out of the container. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Young’s Auto Center & Salvage invites foreign buyers to visit us in the states at any time and tour our salvage yard locations.

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